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Clock PMS Plus

Increase waiting staff productivity with a mobile-first solution

Faster, better service with the Take orders at the table mode and the Bar mode

Take orders at the table mode

The Take the orders at the table mode frees staff from the ties of shared workstations. Orders are sent to the kitchen on the spot as soon as they are taken and kept open to let you add more items. Bills can also be closed at the table without wasting time.

Bar mode

The Bar mode is an alternative designed to be used at busy bars with no open bills. Orders are taken and closed immediately. An optimised feature for fast bar operations. You can connect cash drawers, bill printers and desktop credit card terminals.

Everything you need to handle orders with attention and efficiency

Add orders to physical tables, bar seats or virtual parties for special group events. Keep the orders open, add further orders or close them instantly.

  • Menus with customisable groups, button sizes and icons
  • Handle table covers
  • Set and use both standard and custom modifiers (e.g. "Extra cheese", "Medium rare")
  • Send custom notes/instructions to the kitchens (e.g. "No dairy products")
  • Group orders in a customisable order groups (e.g. "Starters", "Main dishes", "Desserts")
  • Void, edit and split charges

Send orders to kitchen printers and interactive kitchen monitors

How does your front of house team get your customers’ orders to the kitchen?

Configure each menu item to be sent to a particular kitchen or bar where it is to be prepared.

Clock POS can work with traditional kitchen printers, but to really improve operational efficiency, why not use our Kitchen Monitor?

See all orders come online instantly, monitor order waiting times, mark delivered orders and call away orders with ease.

Closing bills

Your waiting staff knows how much flexibility they need when closing the bill, so do we. Hence, all necessary features to support a proper closing of the bills are at your fingertips. Even at the table.

  • Quick closure
  • Issue an invoice
  • Split the table bill before closing
  • Split an item between several bills (e.g. share a bottle of wine)
  • Support for multiple payment types and split payments (e.g. part cash, part credit card)
  • Connection to credit card terminals
  • Add discounts and surcharges
  • Let guests add tips
  • Handle voids
  • Supports mobile printers for closing the bill straight at the table

Improved coordination with front desk based on industry's most advanced transfer to rooms, companies and events

Room transfer like no other room transfer - not just charges, e-signatures, too

Transfer charges to the rooms - that's what many POS do. But being able to take an e-signature and send it to the room together with the charges - that is a rare quality possessed by both Clock POS and Clock PMS+. So you won't need to bring the signed paper bills back and forth - their digital version with the guest's signature will get straight into the room folio. Cool and green, isn't it.

Transfers to company and event folios

Sharing the same database means that the restaurant uses all the information about events and companies the hotel has. Organizing and billing events and companies has never been easier. You can now send charges (and get e-signatures too) directly to company or event folios.

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Digital services for your hotel guests, too

Digital room service

Add the possibility for hotel guests to be offered room service straight from the Online guest portal ․ Design visual room service menus and let guests order on their own straight from the comfort of their own device. All orders will automatically go directly to the room service kitchen with the relevant room number.

Then room service waiters will be able to get guest's e-signature in the bill and transfer the charges to the room instantly.

Book a table

If you'd like to promote your own restaurants to your guests, one of the best ways would be to incorporate a table booking option straight in the Online guest portal or to end an email invitation with an active link using the Automated guest mailer.

Optimised cost of use

Use on unlimited devices against an affordable flat fee

Most POS solutions bill you per POS device. With our mobile-first solution, we wanted to enable the productivity of your waiting staff as much as we can. Hence, you can use Clock POS on unlimited mobile (and desktop) devices

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No expensive servers and hardware

With Clock POS, you only need Internet, WiFi and browser. You don't need to install anything locally, nor to acquire or maintain expensive servers and POS hardware. Most of our customers run Clock POS on tablets, so all you need is to buy a few compatible Epson bill and kitchen printers.

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Advanced back office integrations

Stock control through the integration with MarketnMan

Connect MarketnMan to Clock POS and track your inventory levels. MarketnMan is a cloud-based restaurant inventory management and purchasing app focused on streamlining procurement, delivery, and restaurant accounting.

Aggregated revenue reporting with Clock PMS+

Clock PMS+ Quotes

Clock PMS+ has also helped to shorten the time for taking the customer’s order to the kitchen. This couple of minutes that we save with every order helps us a lot in order to increase customer satisfaction.

- Mischa Delpy, Managing Partner at La Perla Suiza

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  • Boost waiting staff productivity with a Mobile-first solution

  • Handle bill transfers to rooms, companies and events

  • Connect alternative POS options to Clock PMS+

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