The Payments Autopilot

Increase convenience for guests, enable better guest service, reduce handling and human errors

By bringing the payment processing in the PMS we enable brand new possibilities for your guests and for your staff.

For your guests..

Faster, less formal check-in/out

You can focus on guest engagement and experience, rather than on credit card transactions

More convenient purchasing

You can enable your guests to order any service or stay upgrade without any formal transaction required

Increased credit card security

Significantly reduce the access to actual credit card data and process billing, using encrypted tokens.

For you..

Reduce work and errors

Leave behind hours of manual payment processing, billing errors, wrong folio balances and tedious reconciliation.

Faster booking-to-cash

Instantly verify, store and process all received credit cards, identify problematic bookings and put booked rooms on sale

All payments on time

Automated workflows make sure you won’t miss a deposit, cancellation, payment or failed transaction.

How it works

The hospitable, digital interface between you and your guests.

Capture automatically

Automatically capture the credit cards on record from online booking channels such as OTA or web booking engine

Request and acquire

For offline bookings or bookings guaranteed with an OTA card, email secure booking guarantee or online check-in forms.

Store (tokenize)

Tokenise the acquired credit card, screen it for risks and store it with the booking, for further transactions

Automate and reuse

Set automated billing rules or initiate single click pre-authorisations, payments and refunds, using the tokenized cards.

Automated processing workflows: the right payment automation you and your guests will love


Set automatic payment or pre-authorization triggers and run them at multiple points for each booking

  • Set in hours:
  • After creation
  • Before arrival
  • Before departure
  • After cancellation

Set rules on which bookings the particular rule should be applied.

  • Apply or exclude for:
  • Agents
  • Companies
  • Guarantee policies
  • Specific types of credit card on record (guest, OTA virtual)

Select automatic or manual transactions

  • The available actions are:
  • Collect the transaction amount
  • Pre Authorise (block) an amount on the card
  • Release pre-authorisation
  • No automatic transaction, activate post-processing workflow

Select which card on record to bill

  • Run the transaction on:
  • the guest card on record
  • the virtual card of the OTA
  • the first card on record

Set what amount shall be processed

  • Process the:
  • Folio balance
  • Fixed amount + number of nights based on particular revenue groups

Select what additional actions to be processed in case of success or failure

Set automated billing rules or initiate single-click preauthoriсations, payments and refunds, using the tokenised cards.

Automated processing workflows for OTA virtual cards

Clock PMS+ will recognise OTA virtual cards (eg. Expedia Collect) automatically.

You will be able to set rules to automatically bill the room charges on the day of unlocking of such cards (eg. the day of arrival)

You will also be able to acquire a personal credit card as a payment method for the extra services on bookings, guaranteed with a virtual OTA card. That can happen:

  • with a dedicated secure credit card form emailed automatically to the guest by one of the automated processing workflows
  • as a part of the online check-in.

Credit card terminals: No more billing errors and laborious reconciliation

The Payments autopilot of Clock PMS+ connects to the credit card terminals, offered by the chosen Payment processor*.

Depending on the specific integration, you will be able to run all operations (store a credit card token, pre-authorise a guarantee amount, collect payment, refund) directly from Clock PMS+, which means less billing errors.

The collected amounts will instantly update the folio balances, which eliminates the need for tedious reconciliation.

* Some payment processors may not support payment terminals in your area

Get the best rates with some of the world’s best payment processors

Get the best conditions for your business by selecting the payment provider with the optimal fees and terms for your business. You can switch to a new operator at all times to stay competitive.

Clock does not bill any Payment transaction fees or commissions and you receive all funds directly from the payment processor with no intermediary risks or payout delays..

* More payment providers coming at all times.

Full list of payment integrations by regions

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Clock PMS+ Quotes

That relieved our accounting administration a lot. Because when you have a closed circuit on the payment, you don’t have to check if the payment was right. That’s what I really like about it.

- Steff De Groot, Owner, WICC Hotel & Conference

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Start saving time with integrated and automated payments now!

  • Much better payments control and reconciliation

  • Radically new paradigm for guest service, experience and upselling.

  • Save time and errors with automated processing workflows

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