Clock PMS Plus

Smarter hotel software to help you transform for the times of COVID-19 and post-crisis recovery

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Hotel industry is at a point of disruption. We help you navigate through the crisis and kick off faster in the new normality

Save time and costs

with high-grade automation

Improve guest and staff safety

with virtual reception services

Accelerate booking-to-cash

with automated billing

Monetise guest engagement

with smarter upselling tools

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Run more efficiently with unified and highly automated hotel PMS

Reallocate time from routines and run with smaller more productive team. Fully automate core processes like online distribution, billing, guest engagement and more.

Property management system
Central management
Online distribution autopilot
Billing autopilot
Guest engagement and upsell autopilot

Improve guest and staff safety with the virtual reception autopilot

Respond to health-safety and social distancing awareness, but introducing a full scope of online check-in, check-out and digital guest interaction services.

Virtual reception autopilot
Kiosk terminals

Accelerate booking-to-cash with the Billing autopilot

Radically automate the way you manage and process your deposits, cancellation penalties and card payments by setting rules and leveraging some of the world's leading payment processors.

Billing autopilot

Generate more auxiliary sales with smarter guest engagement

Engage better with your guests at any stage of their journey and generate more upsells by truly personalising and automating your communication with guests before, during and after their stay.

Guest engagement and upsell autopilot

Transform your business by simplifying and unifying systems across core business processes, including:

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Follow these forward-thinking hoteliers who have decided to migrate to Clock PMS+ during the COVID-19 lockdown

Embraced globally

Clock PMS+ has been embraced by hotel groups and hotels of all sizes in more than 60 countries

Award-winning technology

Why switch to Clock PMS+ now?

  • Easier migration during the current less busy times

  • Adopt more adequate hotel tech for the times of Covid and the post-crisis recovery

  • Significantly discounted adoption costs: ask for your Onboarding voucher

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