The online distribution autopilot

Let the Online distribution autopilot do the heavy lifting syncing and sell more at better optimised rates on all distribution channels

Clock PMS Plus

Literally the Online distribution autopilot automates inventory updates to all connected OTAs, GDS and CRS virtually after every new booking, cancellation, update, block, block release or room status update while automatically applying the rate rules and restrictions set by you or your Revenue management system.

Save hours of manual sync

Allow the Online distribution autopilot to eliminate the countless hours spent in cumbersome manual sync of your hotel inventory across all your channels.

Inhumanly fast Zero-click sync

Just map the PMS rates to OTA/CRS/Channel manager products and the Distribution autopilot will start syncing. So, no more late updates.

Overbooking prevention

Avoid overbooking and all accompanying complications, as the Online distribution autopilot helps you effortlessly leave all this to the past.

Instant cancellation remarketing

Let the Online distribution autopilot generate more bookings for you by faster republishing cancellations at better optimised rates.

Booking and booking updates download

All bookings will get into Clock PMS+ with all their details, including guarantee policies, extra services and modifications.

You can even collect the guarantee deposits automatically, eg. non-refundable rates, or verify the credit card on record and tokenize it for future use. Check our Payment and Deposit Autopilot.

We have been able to free up time otherwise spent on putting reservations from one system (channel manager) to another (PMS). This free time is now better spent on taking care of our guests, delivering a better experience and helping them have an authentic experience in Barcelona.

- Gian Franco Mercado, Marketing Manager, Sweet BCN Accommodations, Spain

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Take benefit of really advanced features

Autofill marketing segmentation

Automatically get all marketing segmentation info filled in Clock PMS+ for you with each automatic import of new bookings by the Online distribution

Distribute rate optimisations automatically

Use the Clock-native occupancy-adaptable rates or the recommendations received from some of the industry’s most advanced Revenue management systems that connect to Clock PMS+ to maximise your distribution.

Import extra services, too

It’s so good when your guests book extra services. Your faithful Online Distribution Autopilot will make sure they get posted to the booking folio, too.

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Works well with companies and agents too (e.g. GDS, CRS,

Map companies and agents

Forget local servers, tedious updates, virus threads, backups. Just log in and run on any desktop or mobile device with a browser and internet.

Set automatic routings for companies

When working with groups, you can use Clock’s smart routing options to move or split charges between guests and the organizer of the stay.

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Select the best option to connect through

Clock PMS will command your rates and availability to hundreds of OTA, GDS, metasearch and CRS - via the leading channel managers or via direct

Connect via some of the leading channel managers

  • Site Minder
  • D-Edge
  • Room Cloud
  • Smart Hotel (soon)
  • Hotel Net Solutions
  • YieldPlanet
  • Travelline
  • Hotel Story

Or use the embedded XML connectivity to select channels without needing to pay for a separate channel manager*

  • Booking
  • Expedia
  • Agoda
  • SynXis
  • Ctrip
  • Other available upon request
* Terms and conditions apply. Up to 3 XML connectors free of charge, each additional one is billed extra.

We needed a system that comprised a channel manager and a PMS. We were tired of double bookings and needed a system that we could trust our availability with. We wanted a system that linked to our online channels and did almost all of these things automatically.

- Carol Anderson, Marketing Manager, Raasay House, Scotland

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