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We help you transform your hotel or hotel group for the times of Covid-19 and the post-crisis recovery

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Hotel industry is at a point of disruption

In order to navigate and survive hotels will need to find ways to

  • reduce costs
  • automate high-value processes
  • react to increased health-safety awareness.
Clock PMS Plus

Traditional hotel systems won’t work in this new normality (and beyond)

Closed legacy transaction-based systems are exclusively focused on in-house manual operations and expensive to open and interact with guests.

The winners will be those who manage to transform and meet successfully the new challenges and look beyond the crisis.

Save time and costs

with high-grade automation

Improve guest and staff safety

with virtual reception services

Accelerate booking-to-cash

with automated billing

Monetise guest engagement

with smarter upselling tools

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Transform your business by simplifying and unifying systems across core business processes, including:

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Embraced globally

Clock PMS+ has been embraced by hotel groups and hotels of all sizes in more than 60 countries

Award-winning technology

Switch to a smarter hotel software now!

  • Run better organised and leaner teams

  • Generate more auxiliary sales

  • Relieve the workload and exceed guests expectations

Ask for our COVID-19 recovery implementation and adoption vouchers!

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