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Take a closer look at our deep and advanced set of features ensuring you are covered no matter how complicated your organisation is.

Easy to use and adopt

Winner of Capterra Best Ease of Use Award

Comprehensive, innovative functionality

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Eliminates technology complications

Forget local servers, tedious updates, virus threads, backups. Just log in and run on any desktop or mobile device with a browser and internet.

Elevates security and data redundancy

We offer industry’s highest uptime guarantee of 99.99%, PCI DSS Level 1 Certified credit card security, GDPR compliance, and automatic backups

For really large volumes of transactions

We run on the world's most advanced hosting provider - Amazon WS, built for really large transactions with linear scalability and autoscaling.

Sell and run more than just rooms

For larger organisations, we support inventory management and dynamic packages for non-accommodation services, events, activities & other.

Adapts to your processes and workflows

We bring powerful user right control and customisation options to ensure Clock PMS+ will adapt to your processes, not the other way around.

Ready to seamlessly connect to your entire tech ecosystem

Clock PMS+ can as efficiently be the centrepiece of your hotel tech ecosystem (total PMS) or a reliable member of your enterprise layer (thin PMS).

If you value the professional features, you’ve come across the right PMS

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Manage rates and products, yield your revenue

Rates - standard, derived & occupancy adaptable

Bring your rate management to a whole new level through smart rates with multiple options to optimise profits and drive more bookings at your best prices.

  • Organise rates in rate plans & tags for easier finding and management
  • Standard rates - set plain rates, you can use for further derivations
  • Derived rates - use unlimited levels of absolute (+/-) or relative (+/- %) derived rates
  • Occupancy-adaptable rates - set rates automatically adjusting to the actual occupancy
  • Upsell rates - set hierarchies between rates to promote rate upsells via guest-facing and staff-oriented features.
  • Multi-currency rates - set rates in multiple currencies
  • Multiple dates rate and restrictions update
  • Receive rate suggestions from Revenue management systems
  • Map rates to the products in your online distribution channels (WBE, OTA, CRS, GDS) and update them automatically via the Online distribution autopilot
  • Link rates to guarantee and cancellation policies
  • Add convincing customer- and staff-facing descriptions for each rate to facilitate its promotion

Rate restrictions

Rate restrictions are a powerful tool to optimise your revenue. Clock PMS+ comes with one of the industry's widest set of rate restrictions.

  • Set restrictions at a rate, season and date level
  • Use restrictions to apply occupancy-based pricing (i.e. single accommodation, double accommodation, etc.)
  • The supported restrictions include Stop, Closed for arrival, Closed for departure, Min LOS, Max LOS, more. See all restrictions.
  • Use the Override guarantee policy to upgrade the required Guarantee policy in periods of high demand, e.g. override the standard guarantee policy with a Non-refundable one for the period of a major exhibition or certain days of the week
  • Receive restriction suggestions from Revenue management systems
  • Distribute restrictions to online distribution channels (see more) via the Online distribution autopilot

Automate guarantee and cancellation policies

Set guarantee policies

  • Connect to rates and required payment methods
  • Communicate terms and conditions to customers and staff
  • Calculate fixed amounts or relative deposits
  • Deposits can also be calculated based on amount, percentage or number of nights

Calculate and collect the deposits

  • Depending on the guarantee policy, the required deposit is calculated for each booking
  • Send a credit card details request via a secure PCI compatible form for deposits on telephone bookings or bookings without a valid credit card on record
  • Connect to the Payments autopilot for automatic payment collection - e.g. Non-refundable rates will be collected instantly upon the receipt of the booking from OTAs

Update folios and deposit ledgers

  • Register deposits in booking, event or company folios.
  • Deposits are reflected in the Deposit ledger to be transferred to the Guest ledger or the Company ledger later on.

Manage and sell complex products and availabilities with ease

Charge templates

  • Assign a fixed (locked) or floating (editable) price for each charge template
  • Charge templates with prices convertible in multiple currencies
  • Add an unlimited number of custom fields for segmentation, reporting and accounting purposes
  • Housekeeping templates ????
  • Add print texts and images to appear on guest-facing screens, documents and invoices

Capacity counters in charge templates to manage availability

  • Use capacity counters to spread the restrictions on sales of extra services of limited availability to all modules of Clock PMS+. With the capacity counters feature, you can easily restrict daily sales of parking spaces, extra beds, dinner seatings, daily SPA passes, etc.
  • Capacity counters can be connected to charge templates that are sold separately or are included as package elements in a rate package
  • Apart from the Rate Availability Screen, these limitations are also reflected in the Web booking engine, the Online distribution autopilot, the Upsell Autopilot, as well as in the API.
  • Set daily availability for each capacity counter
  • Connect one or multiple charge templates to one capacity counter

Powerful setup and customisation of package elements

  • Create rate packages that can be added to one or multiple rates.
  • Use any charge template as a package element - with or without capacity counters.
  • The packages with elements containing capacity counters will be available if all its components are available for the date.
  • Set packages elements, that will be charged per room, adult or child.
  • Set package elements, that will be charged only on specific dates of the stay (e.g. New Year’s Eve Dinner).
  • Set package element offset - post the Breakfast on the next day, for example.
  • Set package element price as fixed (e.g. USD 50) or proportional (e.g. 20% of the package price).

Mange taxes, currencies, fiscal, invoicing & administrative requirements

Multi-currency rates, charges, payment, folios. Invoices

Set your pricing, track folio balances and accept payments in multiple currencies - in different multi-property accounts or even in a single hotel

Automatic city-tax calculation

Set calculation as fixed fee or percent of the fee, per night, adult or child. Set minimum and maximum prices per adult and child. Differentiate tax seasons (for resort destinations).

Flexible tax settings (VAT, GST, Sales taxes)

Set if sales tax is included in prices (e.g. VAT) or calculated on top (e.g. GST, state taxes). Set rounding calculations per line or on total for precise tax base/tax calculation. Define different tax settings in each multi-property account.